If you can't talk properly,  put the words into music


To beat the boredom, two Amsterdam based artists started playing and working with words. If you can’t talk properly (“he’s such a Kromtong”) put the words into exciting music; this is what this artistic couple must have thought. Kromtong is a Dutch duo presenting their musical, writing, and producing talents as they worked separately in different bands up until now. The music was created during many barren covid-hours after - or during – homeschooling. It was often recorded in the living room amid yesterday’s Lego crafts and empty strawberry lemonade bottles. Artwork and videos did not come from afar and were created by family or close friends. The videoclip of ‘Ik Ben Jong’ features their son and his grandfather, where the character of the ‘youngness’ plays the lead role: should we talk it down, embrace it or just get rid of it after all?

23 augustus 2021 

Videoclip release 'Voor Gerrit', opgenomen in de Terschellingse duinen tussen Hoorn en Oosterend. Delen en liken wordt zeer gewaardeerd!

23 juli 2021 

Videoclip release 'Ik Ben Jong', opgenomen met een iPhone in het pittoreske Weesp, met in de hoofdrol een jongen van 8 en zijn grootvader.